Why join U2nMe?

For opportunities to earn big cash rewards by referring products you buy, while networking with groups of like-minded people.

Is this another social network?

No. This is a product referral system that can generate cash income.

Is this a salesperson opportunity?

No. Requires no experience or cold calling.

Is this a typical Multi-level Marketing?

No. U2nMe is a unique binary referral network system. This means there is no selling, hierarchy chain, down-legs, stocking of products or inventory. Unlike a triangular structure, every group member is given an equal opportunity to the same income and position.

Do I become an employee?

No. You are an independent contractor in charge of your own time and income.

How do I make money?

3 Easy Steps:
1. Sign-up to become a group member.
2. Start sending invitations and discount coupons to others.
3. Get credit for two referral sales per cycle.

How much money can I make?

No limit. It's up to you.

How do I get started?

To receive a Guest Pass to visit the U2nMe Guest Site Contact Us.